We spent many years training, learning and travelling for music but the difference then and now was enormous. We strived for ourselves, and we wrote for ourselves because our eyes had not yet been opened. From the outside we were succeeding but inside we both sensed something was missing, music had become self serving and we became disillusioned.

After many years we took a break from music to take stock of things and were blessed with our first baby. Not long after, our journey through family life led us to a sleepy village in Somerset, England with an unexpected secret, a very small and devoted group of ladies determined to share the gospel. They had been praying for children to walk through the doors of their church and we happened to have a few by then. 

They shared the gospel with us and we met Jesus.

Music began to grow again in our lives after we moved to rural Wales with our 6 children; praising and worshipping with our little people. 

Now the mountain that music once was, is God's Holy hill and we have been invited to climb it, not alone anymore and not to reach the top but to turn around and enjoy the view. 

We hope that the new EP 'Salve' is as much a blessing to others as it has been to us in this first chapter of our journey with the Lord.

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