gospel led folk for gospel led folk


So faith comes from hearing,

and hearing through the word of Christ.

Romans 10:17

At the core of Land and Salt are a family steeped in music. We are husband and wife and often we involve other musicians to play with us if they have a heart for the same missional calling to God's Word through music . We also have a net of close friends that uphold us in prayer.

Over time we felt a deeply moving sense to stir people through creativity. A calling to re-imagine a movement of people reaching the world by using their skills, strengths and weaknesses to amplify the heart of God's Word.

It’s all in The Word.

At our root is a raw English folk tradition mixed with a love of Blues, Jazz, Folk hymns and the richness of gospel and church music - Wesley, Watts, Newton, Herbert. ​We create music with an ear on our past and an eye on our environment.

We play to spread the good news of who Jesus is to those who haven't heard yet, and to encourage those who have.

'Salve' is a work of grace.

The  grit of faith that grows in us does not grow unhindered but grapples with our habits and imperfections, it can get warped and stiffled and sometimes lost.

But God sees, He has the wisdom we need.

Our hope is that these songs might bring His words to your ears like a salve that heals and renews our grazed outlook.

Album Credits

Vocals - Charlie and Marie Collis

Guitar, bass, percussion, banjo - Charlie Collis

Concertina - Marie Collis

Violin and Cello - Robyn Welsby

Huge heartfelt thanks to Robyn for her work and devotion to this album,

a true blessing to our music and family.

Thank you for the support and beautiful lettering of Sophie Killingley at Perish and Fade.

And finally thanks to all of you who have prayed for us and encouraged us to answer this calling.

© 2019 Land and Salt

United Kingdom