Our Single 'Homeless Hearts' made the UK Christian charts Top Ten this month. 

Land and Salt release New Single and Lyric Video - 'Put On Love'


Based on Colossians 3:13-14, 'Put On Love' speaks of forgiveness between brothers and sisters in Christ. Forgiveness that forces us to beg the Father for grace because we cannot do it alone. Unforgiveness can poison the ground we walk on and destroys lives. So, we are called to be different - not to rely on our own emotions but to seek God's word over our own feelings. Our communities will burst with joy and heave a sigh of relief when we begin to forgive each other as Christ has forgiven us. Taken from the recent EP - Salve with the collaboration of violinist Robyn Welsby, who's layered strings steep the song in harmony and warmth.

The video we have created around this song shows not only the power of creativity in unity, but the task of putting others first  and standing vulnerable before God, trusting in His plan for our restoration. With the time of remembrance approaching we bring to mind the sacrifice that began on the cross for all and the love of bearing with one another in all things for the sake of mankind. 

'Tree To Tree' Nominated for two JUMP MVA 2019 awards


This video is a vintage animation which shows the heartwarming tale of having faith in difficulty and hope in adversity, and leaning on the peace that surpasses all understanding.

‘Tree To Tree’ tells of the plan God set in place when humanity chose our own way at the first tree until He rescued us at the next tree that became the cross – and the peace that broke through int the world.. It is a peace that we can have even during difficulty and strife. It is a peace which is not always visible but is always there. Not a warm fuzzy feeling but an assurance of who we are when we trust in God. 

‘A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you.’ Psalm 91

Release date: 8th September 2019

Land and Salt release debut EP - Salve

30th August 2019

'We are English hymnals. We are folk and blues - this is the genesis of our sound. Songs that move  hearts with scripture. With an un-cooked acoustic power - raw and God centred.'

                                                                                                                                                               - L&S

Salve is a work of grace. It was written on our hearts for many years as we lived out our lives. 

Above all it speaks of unity- pure and simple.  A unity born from a man who humbled himself enough to wash the feet of his betrayer, not just his friends.

Unity with God and with our fellow brother and sister. Songs of bearing and forgiving deep down in our bellies - not a shallow sorry in words; but hearty redemption in our hands. We have used our voices and our hands to try to blend rhythm and beauty. Driven by guitar and vocals, but embelished with banjo, violin, cello, concertina and some meaty percussion.

Salve is the debut release on our own label Saltworks Records.

A new record label committed to truth in sound.


The  grit of faith that grows in us does not grow unhindered but grapples with our habits and imperfections, it can get warped and stiffled and sometimes lost.

But God sees, He has the wisdom we need.

Our hope is that these songs might bring His words to your ears like a salve

that heals and renews our grazed outlook.


We can’t thank God enough for taking our weakness and making it our Salve.

Read more about how we recorded the album

Available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Bandcamp, iheartradio, Deezer, Tidal and more


Who are Land and Salt?


British based Folk musicians Land and Salt are a family at their heart. Husband and wife Charlie and Marie are releasing Land & Salt's debut album this year after a long break from the British acoustic scene, once described as "The best in Contemporary Folk" (Rambles). After living in nearly every corner of Britain they answered the call to pick up and move their family to the wilds of West Wales a few years ago, which in reflection has been a place of new growth in their clear calling to create songs with the message of the gospel.

The rugged landscape and rumbling atmosphere of revival has nurtured an environment of spiritual reflection on their journey to gospel led music.

They celebrate a spirit of collaboration and work alongside other musicians to bring together a collective of praise across an ecumenical landscape.

the story so far...

Debut Single - Abide

Land and Salt released their debut single 'Abide' in July of this year - A raw authentic sound is central to its sweet prophetic message of Paul's best loved words from 1 Corinthians 13.

Features include CCM Magazine, Louder Than The Music, JesusWired, Cross Rhythms.

Read more about the inspiration for 'Abide' here

Single and Lyric Video - Homeless Hearts

Land and Salt release their single 'Homeless Hearts' a song with a lyric video. A song about grace, inspired by the generosity of Jesus.

Features include CCM Magazine, Louder Than The Music, JesusWired, Cross Rhythms, Christian Chart - A StepFWD, BBC Radio Airplay.

Read more about the inspiration for Homeless Hearts here

Single and Lyric Video - 'Tree To Tree'

Land and Salt release a vintage animation Lyric Video 'Tree To Tree'. A beautifully crafted piece of animation by George Pal that has been adapted to fit the incredible message of the peace that God gives to all who love Him.

Features include CCM Magazine, Louder Than The Music, JesusWired, Cross Rhythms, Christian Chart - A StepFWD,

Land and Salt nominated for the Jump Release Music Video Awards 2019

Nominated for two categories at the Selah Festival 2019 - 'Tree To Tree' was put forward for 'Best Inspirational Video' and 'Best Rock or Blues Video'.

Land and Salt make the UK Christian Charts for September 2019 with 'Homeless Hearts'

'Homeless Hearts' goes to number 9 in the UK Christian Charts - a Step Fwd. 

Land and Salt set to release Single and Lyric Video -  'Put On Love' from EP

Based on Colossians 3:13-14, 'Put On Love' speaks of forgiveness between brothers and sisters in Christ.  

What is behind Land and Salt?

Land & Salt are a voice for authenticity. An arbiter for creativity. A response to the questions of the changing and evolving church today. A call for intimacy and reflection of God's Word.  At their core are musicians who have honed their skills for many years before bringing their gifts to the table. 

Lead by Marie's sweet voice with depth and experience, and driven by Charlie's raw fingerpicking acoustic style,  this music could be ageless. And although they are a duo; Land and Salt have many sounds to add to their work in strings, percussion and harmony arrangements. 

Collaboration is fundamental to their work and involving other musicians is part of the enjoyment of their missional praise.

They are not easily categorised but happily drift in and out of folk, blues and English hymnals. Cleverly described as 'gospel led folk for gospel led folk' they write songs that move hearts and minds to stir. The Word of God is their motivation and the voice of God is their guide. 


Charlie: (+44) 07842 819290
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'Louder Than the Music'

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